Technologic district

Framo is part of Italy’s largest industrial pole for taps and fittings:
the District of Novara. This is an all-Italian system, a true engine of development and technological innovation. The first one to study the districts was A. Marshall who, in his 1890 report “Principles of economics”, expressed the concept of “industrial atmosphere” where people seem to absorb skills by osmosis.

Our district is a system made approximately by a hundred firms, ranging from small to large businesses and sharing the same economic and social experience, horizontally and vertically integrated among each other. We are firms highly specialized in the production of parts, components and technical machining, skills that are complementary and synergic.

Our overall level of specialization enables each business reality to focus on a limited set of production stages and to adopt advanced systems. The supply chain representing the tap’s entire production system, from brass rods to finished items, covers every type
of innovative request and specific need also for large batches.

The 2017 turnover for the district was 1.25 billion Euro.


that makes us beat
the heart

do the real thing

We play
the match
and we win

The production system checks and guarantees the quality of our products, also with careful research and selection of the components used.